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State Representative Robert Sprague (R-Findlay), joined by State Senator Jim Hughes (R-Columbus), today held a press conference to discuss the 9-1-1 Good Samaritan Law, which goes into effect in Ohio tomorrow, September 13.

The Good Samaritan Law, made possible through the passage of House Bill 110, provides immunity to an individual for minor drug possession offenses when he or she seeks emergency medical assistance for a drug overdose. In order to qualify for immunity, the individual must obtain a screening with a behavioral health professional within 30 days after seeking emergency medical assistance.

“This law will save lives,” said Representative Sprague. “We continue to hear too many stories of individuals overdosing and being left to die alone.  The 9-1-1 Good Samaritan Law will ensure that people make an effort to seek emergency assistance during a drug overdose situation, without second-guessing because of being arrested.  In addition, these individuals will have a link to the treatment system.  They will be able to decide if treatment is right for them, but as part of qualifying for immunity, they will have contact with a professional that can send them in the right direction.”

The Good Samaritan Law is one policy item out of many that have been introduced or signed into law over the course of the last few years.

“There is no silver bullet to address the heroin epidemic that is plaguing Ohio,” Senator Hughes stated. “House Bill 110 adds another tool to the community tool box to help tackle the heroin problem that knows no social or economic boundaries.”

The goal of the Good Samaritan portion of House Bill 110 is to save lives and help those who are addicted get proper care.

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