Sprague, Rezabek Applaud Passage Of Legislation Expanding The Use Of Naloxone
Medication saves lives in the case of a drug overdose
March 04, 2015

State Representatives Robert Sprague (R-Findlay) and Jeff Rezabek (R-Clayton) today held a press conference to applaud the House passage of House Bill 4, legislation that takes further strides in curtailing the opiate epidemic in Ohio. Reps. Rezabek and Sprague championed the legislation through the House.

House Bill 4 continues work in the previous General Assembly to expand access to naloxone, which has the capability of reversing an opioid-induced drug overdose. 

“After passing House Bill 170 in the 130th General Assembly, House Bill 4 will continue to increase access to this life-saving medication,” said Representative Sprague. “This bill is one piece of many state initiatives to combat the opioid addiction epidemic in the State of Ohio.”

“I am extremely pleased with the result of today’s vote. Simply put, this bill will save lives,” Rezabek said. “I want to again thank Representative Sprague and others for their work on House Bill 4. I look forward to working on future legislation to continue the fight against the drug epidemic in our state.”

The most recent complete data shows that there were 411 unintentional overdose deaths in 2000 and 1,914 deaths in 2012, according to the Ohio Department of Health.  This bill works to decrease drug overdose deaths in Ohio by allowing a physician to issue a protocol that authorizes others to furnish naloxone to an individual who is at risk of overdosing or to an individual who might be able to assist another person during an opioid-induced overdose. Under current law, prescribers have to be present when naloxone is furnished. If passed into law, House Bill 4 will increase access by removing this requirement. Furthermore, local health departments will be able to sell naloxone at wholesale prices to law enforcement agencies.

House Bill 4 passed with unanimous support on the House floor and it will now head to the Senate for further consideration.


The press conference can also be seen at the following link: http://www.ohiochannel.org/MediaLibrary/Media.aspx?fileId=145992

Transportation Budget Passes Ohio House Unanimously
Rep. Cheryl Grossman, the bill's sponsor, applauds bipartisan effort
March 03, 2015

The Ohio House of Representatives today unanimously passed Substitute House Bill 53, the state’s transportation budget.

“I was very pleased to see both sides of the aisle come together unanimously to support this piece of legislation as we move forward to address our state’s transportation needs,” said Rep. Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City), who sponsored the legislation and who also chairs the Transportation Subcommittee of the House Finance Committee.

The bill allocates vital funding to improve Ohio’s infrastructure and economy. It provides more than $3.4 billion annually over the next two years for making improvements to the state’s transportation infrastructure and safety services. Over the biennium, the bill appropriates $5.04 billion for highway construction and maintenance.

Among other provisions, Sub. H.B. 53:

  • Reinstates the Ohio Rail Development Commission and eliminates language governing the division of freight in ODOT

  • Appropriates $450,000 per year for the Department of Public Safety to purchase driving simulators

  • Strengthens standards for Ohio’s driver-training schools and instructors

  • Creates the Joint Legislative Task Force on Department (ODOT) Funding

  • Requires deputy registrars to accept payment in the form of credit or debit cards by July 1, 2016, and prohibits any additional charges for a financial transaction device from being added to the total cost

  • Increases from 10 to 25 the percentage of total project cost that a transportation improvement district can receive from the state

  • Increases the project threshold for which a county engineer can utilize design-build from $1.5 million to $5 million

  • Provides an additional $114 million over two years for local transportation projects

House Bill 53 will now head to the Ohio Senate for further consideration. By law, the transportation budget must be signed into law by March 31st.

State Reps. Rezabek, Sprague Hold Press Conference Addressing Ohio's Prescription Drug Epidemic
Lawmakers introduce legislation to expand access to live-saving drug Naloxone
February 13, 2015

State Representatives Jeff Rezabek (R-Clayton) and Robert Sprague (R-Findlay) held a press conference today near Dayton to discuss Ohio’s prescription drug epidemic and legislation they have recently introduced to help solve the problem.

The two lawmakers were joined by Trotwood Fire Chief Steve Milliken and ADAMHS Executive Director Helen Jones-Kelley, both of whom shared their perspectives for how the opioid problem has specifically impacted Montgomery County.

“The opioid problem has created huge issues for Montgomery County and Ohio as a whole,” Rezabek said. “In our county, it used to be defined as a city of Dayton problem, but the epidemic has spread to the suburban and rural areas. I look forward to working in the 131st General Assembly to fight the opioid problem that is plaguing the State of Ohio.”

Additionally, Reps. Rezabek and Sprague discussed House Bill 4, legislation they have introduced that would expand access to Naloxone, a live-saving medication used to combat an opioid-related overdose. In essence, Naloxone reverses the effects that opioids have on the body, which, during an overdose, can effectively shut down a person’s respiratory system.

“House Bill 4 is just one piece of the overall approach to address the opioid epidemic in the State of Ohio,” said Representative Sprague. “By allowing physicians to issue protocols for the furnishing of naloxone, this bill will increase access to this life-saving drug throughout our state.”

House Bill 4 builds off the work of House Bill 170 in the previous General Assembly. The current process of dispensing Naloxone can be financially burdensome because prescribers are still required to be present when the drug is distributed. HB 4 removes this requirement, allowing physicians to authorize the furnishing of Naloxone to someone at risk of an opioid-related overdose.

House Bill 4 was referred to the House Health & Aging Committee and is scheduled to receive its second hearing next week.


Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) and the entire House of Representatives today were pleased to present a resolution to President Dr. Michael Drake, Coach Urban Meyer, and the Ohio State University football team, commending their victory in the 2014-15 College Football Playoff National Championship.

Winners of the 2014 Big Ten Conference Championship title and the 2015 Sugar Bowl, the Buckeyes defeated the University of Oregon by a score of 42-20 to win the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship trophy, compiling an impressive 14-1 record along the way.

“On behalf of the Ohio House of Representatives, members of the Franklin County delegation, myself, and Leader Strahorn, it is such a great honor to invite you to the chamber of the people’s House ‘The People’s House’ to celebrate your victory and this national championship,” said Speaker Rosenberger during session today. “We can learn a lot as a state from the teamwork that this team has shown over the last year. Thank you for your example that you have set for the young folks of this state who you are encouraging every day, for the families that you allow to take away a little bit of worry or doubt because of your victory. It is much more than a football game.”


The Ohio House of Representatives today approved the passage of House Joint Resolution 1, which authorizes the request by Governor John Kasich to hold the State of the State address in Wilmington on February 24th. Speaker of the Ohio House, Clifford A. Rosenberger, released the following statement in response to the bipartisan resolution:

“I’m pleased by the House’s decision today to authorize the State of the State to be held in my home district and in the great city of Wilmington. I believe southwest Ohio is an ideal location to showcase how cities across the state are growing stronger and prospering, and for that I’m grateful to the governor for seeking out Wilmington for this occasion.

“This State of the State also helps to symbolize the beginning of a new General Assembly and another opportunity for us to work together to improve the state further through common sense legislation and innovative ideas. I look forward to hearing more about the governor’s priorities for this year at the address, and I have no doubt that the people of southwest Ohio will make legislators and the governor feel welcome.”


Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) has released a statement in response to the recent announcement by Governor John Kasich that he has proposed to hold the State of the State address in Wilmington, which is part of Clinton County, in the Speaker’s district:

“I would like to thank Governor Kasich for his proposal to hold the State of the State address in Wilmington. It will be an honor to showcase Wilmington and the southwest Ohio region. As this request requires the approval of the full legislature, I look forward to talking with my fellow legislative colleagues about this prospect and the opportunity we have to highlight Ohio’s southwestern communities and all our region has to offer our state.”


Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville), along with fellow members of the Ohio House, honored veterans who have been prisoners of war and those who have been missing in action with a ceremony during today’s House session. As part of the program, the Ohio House was presented with the POW/MIA flag, which will be permanently displayed at the front of the House chamber.

“Remembering these brave, resilient and determined POWs and MIAs by displaying their flag in the House Chamber is truly humbling,” Speaker Rosenberger said. “Courageous men and women volunteer every day to protect our great country and its citizens, and I’m proud to offer our gratitude by ensuring that we see this flag every time we enter the Chamber.” 

The ceremony included Wayne Hutchinson, Service Officer of VFW Department of Ohio; Ron Chapman, Second Vice Commander of the American Legion Department of Ohio; Colonel Tom Moe, a former prisoner of war and retired Director of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services; and David Hilliard, Commander of the American Legion Department of Ohio. The presentation of the colors was performed by a Clinton County, joint color guard with participation from American Legion Post 49 and VFW Post 6710.


In a press conference at the Statehouse this morning, Speaker Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) and members of the Ohio House Republican caucus discussed the priorities that will guide the 131st General Assembly.

“We’ve taken great strides in recent general assemblies to improve the quality of life for Ohioans, but there is still much more to be done,” Rosenberger said. “We believe it is important as a caucus to lay out our long-term vision for keeping our state moving in the right direction.”

Rosenberger introduced “Ohio 2020,” a member-driven series of long-term objectives focused on four policy areas: Competitiveness, Energy, Education and Health. Ohio 2020 provides a framework for members of the caucus to work together and to introduce ideas that will make Ohio stronger.

One of the first bills introduced will center around making Ohio more economically competitive, including reducing the new-business filing fee placed on entrepreneurs and finding ways to improve upon the economic development program “OhioMeansJobs".

The caucus will place strong emphasis on the Higher Education Workforce Grant Program, which is designed to strengthen the link between students and the job market. This will allow for those students to get experience in the workplace so that they are better prepared for graduation.

Charter school reform is also an important area of focus, namely increasing transparency and accountability. Furthermore, the goal is to strengthen oversight by clarifying the roles and responsibilities of sponsors, schools and management organizations.

To address concerns pertaining to water quality, the House will build on progress that was made during the previous legislative term and work with the agriculture community and regulatory agencies. The House Agriculture & Rural Development Committee is holding its first hearing tomorrow in Van Wert, where it will discuss water quality and nutrient management practices.

Regarding energy, the House will focus on approving measures that ensure Ohioans have access to energy that is safe, reliable and affordable. Also important is adopting policies that establish Ohio as an energy-producing state, as well as a hub for energy companies to locate and expand their operations.

Finally, one of the top priorities centers on ensuring Ohioans have access to affordable health care. Besides access, the goals of the Republican caucus during the 131st General Assembly will focus on allowing people to receive the highest quality of care for what they pay and to ensure Ohioans understand the costs associated with care. House Republicans will also look to put in place protocols for Naloxone, a life-saving drug that has the potential to reverse an opioid-related overdose.

The press conference can be viewed in its entirety by going to http://www.ohiochannel.org/MediaLibrary/Media.aspx?fileId=145714.


Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) has announced that, along with House Majority Leadership and other members of the Majority caucus, he will be holding a press conference to announce the House’s priority legislation and vision for the 131st General Assembly.

Speaker Rosenberger
House Majority Leadership
Members of the Majority Caucus 

Robert E. Netzley Conference Room (Rm. 004), Ohio Statehouse

Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 at 10


Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) has released a statement regarding the recent announcement by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services that Ohio’s unemployment rate was 4.8 percent for the month of December, which is down from 5 percent in November:

“When I was first elected to the Ohio House in 2010, the unemployment rate was over 9 percent and our future as a state was uncertain. However, because of the good work we’ve achieved over the last several years including supporting JobsOhio, initiating workforce development programs and cutting taxes for small businesses, we’ve been able to make significant gains in this area.

“The news today that Ohio’s unemployment rate is down from 5 to 4.8 percent is a huge encouragement to me as we begin work for the 131st General Assembly. Job creation and workforce development is a number one priority—one that we are taking very seriously here in the Ohio House. We are committed to working with Governor Kasich and the Senate to ensure that we are breaking down barriers for businesses and building up those who are ready to work so that they can provide for their families. Through thoughtful discussion and collaborative efforts, we can inspire policies and initiatives that help our workforce and help our state to grow and prosper. As we continue this work, we’ll take steps every day to keep the momentum going and to stay on the right track for the people of Ohio.”

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