COLUMBUS—State Representative Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) has introduced legislation that will provide greater access to the College Credit Plus Program for home-educated students.

House Bill 399 seeks to address a funding issue in the program for those students in order to meet the growing demand for state support by home-educated families. Under a recent restructuring of College Credit Plus and because of limited funds, many home-educated students were left out of the opportunity to receive state funding to take college level classes. Because of the lack of funds, only home-educated seniors received assistance this year, while their public school counterparts received funding for all students in high school and junior high school (grades 7-12).

"The home-educated students of taxpaying families in Ohio deserve similar access to funds for college classes as their public school counterparts. By repurposing state dollars already intended for the education of Ohio students, home-educated students will have the same opportunities to earn college credit while still in high school," Koehler said.  "Most home-educating families, while paying the same taxes as other families, forego the idea of a two-income household to give their children the benefit of one-on-one instruction.  This will definitely help as they prepare for college."

Based on the estimated number of requests for next year, the Ohio Department of Education says that additional funding will be needed to satisfy the demand for students’ requests for the College Credit Plus Program. HB 399 addresses this funding need, but will not increase line-item spending or create a new appropriation. Rather, it repurposes state dollars that have already been appropriated.

House Bill 399 will be referred to a committee in the coming weeks.


State Representative Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario) today received the “Elected Official Advocacy Award” from the Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging.


The award was presented to Rep. Romanchuk because of his efforts in the Ohio House in helping older adults in Ohio. As a member of the House Finance Committee and its subcommittee on Health and Human Services, he played an active role in discussion regarding health issues and the state operating budget. Rep. Romanchuk also regularly champions legislation concerning workforce development and sponsored a bill this year that lowered the business filing fee in the state, making it easier and cheaper to start a business. The award also recognizes his work with constituents to address local community needs.


“I am both humbled and honored to receive this award from the Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging,” Rep. Romanchuk said. “Working with my community and constituents, especially our seniors, in Richland County is my priority as a legislator and I look forward to continuing to address issues on health and workforce development in the state.”


Romanchuk is currently serving his second term in the House. He represents the 2nd District, which comprises all of Richland County.


COLUMBUS—During a Statehouse press conference today, State Representatives Jonathan Dever (R-Cincinnati) and Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) discussed House Bill 380, legislation they recently introduced to create a more transparent investigative process with deaths that result from a law enforcement officer’s use of a firearm.

Based on legislation recently passed in Wisconsin, as well as recommendations from the Ohio Task Force on Community Police Relations, House Bill 380 requires law enforcement agencies to develop policies in writing regarding the investigation of firearms-related deaths involving officers.

“This legislation has been in the works since I entered office in January of this year,” Dever said. “The intent of House Bill 380 is simply to assure our communities that the investigation process is transparent and reliable.”

Additionally, the legislation requires an unbiased investigatory panel to issue a report of its findings to the local prosecutor’s office. If it is determined that there is no basis to prosecute, then the report is to be released to the public within 72 hours.

House Bill 380 was referred to the House Judiciary Committee this week.



COLUMBUS—State Representative Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) today announced that the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation designating April as “Osteopathic Medicine Recognition Month.”

House Bill 352 was sponsored by Rep. Johnson in an effort to garner greater recognition for doctors of osteopathy, a profession that has made invaluable contributions to the health and wellbeing of Ohioans. Osteopathic medicine encompasses the full spectrum of accepted medical care, with osteopathic physicians, or “DOs,” fully licensed and practicing in every specialty of medicine.

According to the American Osteopathic Association, the osteopathic field of medicine is one of the fastest growing segments of health care professionals in the United States.  Doctors of osteopathy practice from a philosophic base that views patients as “whole people,” with a focus on the human body’s innate ability to heal itself with educated and practiced facilitation by the physician.

“As a doctor of osteopathic medicine myself, I have a good sense of the dedication and professionalism that my osteopathic colleagues bring to their patients each and every day across our great state,” said Rep. Johnson. “They make a wonderful difference in people’s lives, one patient at a time.”

House Bill 352 will now be under consideration by the Ohio Senate.


COLUMBUS—During today’s session, the Ohio House of Representatives passed House Concurrent Resolution 31, which urges President Obama to halt the settlement of Syrian refugees in Ohio and The United States.

Following passage, the resolution’s sponsor, Rep. Tim Derickson (R-Oxford), released the following statement:

“I was pleased to see my colleagues in the House stand beside me to pass a measure that I think is very important for our national security interests. The tragic events in Paris over the weekend served as yet another grim reminder of the potential for dangers and vicious acts to be carried out on innocent people. For the safety of our families, neighbors and friends, I believe it is imperative that public leaders come together and take the necessary steps to prevent acts of terror from occurring here at home. Several states are taking similar stands, and Ohio can be among the leaders when it comes to promoting peace and safety for all Americans. That is what today’s passage of HCR 31 was all about.”


COLUMBUS—The Ohio House of Representatives today passed unanimously House Bill 134, sponsored by State Representatives Cheryl Grossman (R-Grove City) and Mike Curtin (D-Marble Cliff). HB 134 seeks to expedite the foreclosure process and transfer of unoccupied parcels, and to make other changes relative to residential foreclosure actions.

“As a former mayor and now a state representative I am well aware of the problems created by these nuisance properties. They are a cancer that grows in neighborhoods and this bill will dramatically reduce the time it takes to foreclose these problem properties for all communities in Ohio,” said Grossman.

The bill provides potential changes to summary foreclosure actions to vacant and abandoned properties, modifies judicial sale procedures, and establishes criminal punishment to situations regarding the owner’s physical harm to property in foreclosure. Additionally, this legislation places increased duties on the clerk of the court of common pleas with respect to notices of judgments of foreclosure.

The changes are meant to help expedite the foreclosure process and restore Ohio’s communities that suffer from an influx of vacant or abandoned properties, especially in metropolitan areas. Many times, these properties can prohibit the growth of surrounding areas by giving off a negative perception and increasing the chances of vandalism and crime. HB 134 would make it easier to sell these parcels and begin the process of rehabilitating these areas.

HB 134 now moves to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.


COLUMBUS—In response to comments made by Governor John Kasich this afternoon, Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) released the following statement:

"As Speaker, I agree with Governor Kasich’s statement that, at this time, we should not allow Syrian refugees into Ohio. As we again saw this past weekend, these are very challenging times around the world, and it is critical that public leaders take precautionary steps to keep United States citizens safe. In order to protect all Americans, we must ensure that there is a stringent vetting process and appropriate security measures in place to keep danger and terror off of American soil. The protection of Ohio’s families is paramount. Therefore, I stand ready and willing to help Governor Kasich in our united mission to keep all Ohioans and Americans safe."


COLUMBUS—Chairman of the Sunset Review Committee, State Representative Tim Brown (R-Bowling Green), today announced the remaining committee schedule through the end of the year.

“I look forward to continuing the work of the Sunset Review Committee,” Brown said. “The objective of this committee is to promote sound, streamlined government that best serves the people of Ohio.”

Dates, times and locations of the remaining committee hearings are as follows:

• Monday, November 16th at 3 p.m., Statehouse Room 313
• Monday, November 30th at 3 p.m., Statehouse Room 313
• Monday, December 7th at 3 p.m., Statehouse Room 313
• Monday, December 14th at 3 p.m., Statehouse Room 313

The Sunset Review Committee is a panel tasked with determining the future of several state agencies in order to make state government run efficiently and responsibly.

A list of the agencies that will be testifying at each respective hearing is available here:


State Leaders Take Part In Veterans Event At Statehouse
Special event recognizes Ohio veterans, highlights recently passed legislation regarding dual service
November 10, 2015

COLUMBUS—Today, Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville), Congressman Brad Wenstrup(R-Cincinnati) and State Representative Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) hosted an event honoring veterans at the Ohio Statehouse. During the ceremony, Speaker Rosenberger also signed House Bill 244, recently passed legislation that designates November 10th as “Armed Services, Peace Officer, First Responder and Dual Service Recognition Day.”


Jointly sponsored by Speaker Rosenberger and Rep. Johnson, House Bill 244 works to honor those individuals who have served both in the armed forces and as police officers or other first responders. It was officially concurred upon by the House late last month.


“It was an honor to join Congressman Wenstrup and Rep. Terry Johnson today, who are both veterans themselves and have served this country admirably,” Speaker Rosenberger said. “On the eve of Veterans Day, it is especially important to thank those who have served both in uniform and out in their communities as peace officers or first responders. House Bill 244 was an effort to ensure that these folks are recognized and that they know how grateful we are for their sacrifices and service to America.”


Rep. Johnson joined Congressman Wenstrup at two other special events today in Cincinnati and Portsmouth to honor veterans who have served in uniform as well as in their communities as peace officers or first responders.


“During my years in the military, I was impressed by the large number of service members who were also police officers, first responders and other servants of their civilian community,” Rep. Johnson said. “I am taken by the great sacrifice of these people and their families. This day is to honor those who are twice the servants and continually serve abroad and at home.”


Congressman Wenstrup recently took similar steps at the federal level to recognize these individuals. He introduced the Dual Service Recognition Day resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives last week.


“Many of our veterans have worn more than one uniform in service to our country and their community,”  Congressman Wenstrup said. “It is particularly fitting for us to recognize these individuals who are twice the servant, placing themselves at risk to defend the United States in our armed services and sacrificing to protect and serve communities as a peace officer or first responder. Dual Service Recognition Day is a small effort to recognize those who run towards danger as part of their daily job.”

Congressman Wenstrup, Speaker Rosenberger & Rep. Johnson To Host Event Honoring Veterans And Highlighting New Legislation
House Bill 244 designates November 10th as "Armed Services, Peace Officer, First Responder and Dual Service Recognition Day"
November 09, 2015

COLUMBUS—Congressman Brad Wenstrup, Speaker of the Ohio House Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) and State Representative Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) will be hosting an event tomorrow to highlight recently passed legislation that designates November 10th as “Armed Services, Peace Officer, First Responder and Dual Service Recognition Day.”

Congressman Wenstrup
Speaker Rosenberger
Rep. Johnson

Ladies’ Gallery
Ohio Statehouse
Tuesday, November 10th at 3:30

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