COLUMBUS—State Rep. Randi Clites (D-Ravenna), along with a bipartisan group of co-sponsors, introduced House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 29 calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Congress to take action to remedy the drug shortage problem in America.

The resolution calls on the federal government to do the following:

  • Enhance methods and procedures for monitoring and assessing risks to the supply of critical drugs,

  • Establish incentives to encourage the production of drugs at risk of shortage,

  • Introduce necessary safeguards to prevent future drug shortages.

“Drug shortages put patients’ lives at risk and increase health care costs, yet most are preventable with proper notification and coordination,” said Rep. Clites. “Doctors, pharmaceutical companies and the FDA have all identified drug shortages as an issue, yet nothing has been done to remedy the problem. We are now stuck with the consequences of this inaction during a pandemic.”

There are currently 111 drugs in shortage, according to the U.S. FDA.[1] GoodRX attributes 24 of these drug shortages to the COVID-19 pandemic including hydroxychloroquine, albuterol inhalers and drugs necessary for patients on ventilators.[2]  Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, drug shortages have been a rising issue in the United States.

HCR 29 has been referred to the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee and awaits hearings.




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