Today, Representatives Niraj J. Antani (R – Miami Township) and Hearcel F. Craig (D- Columbus) introduced legislation that would provide tax credits for businesses that hire and employ Ohio veterans and provides bid preference to companies owned by veterans.

During the press conference Antani stated:

As the youngest state lawmaker, many of my friends and those in my generation served our country in Afghanistan and Iraq only to come home and struggle to find jobs. This legislation can make Ohio the most veteran friendly state in the country. These veterans served our country, it’s time for us to serve them.

The legislation would provide a five percent bid preference for state contracts to businesses owned by veterans and authorize a personal income or commercial activities tax credit for a business that hires and employs an Ohio veteran for a period of at least one year.

Even as Ohio’s unemployment rate continues to drop, veterans face higher than average unemployment rates. Post 9/11 veterans face an unemployment rate of over 11%. Veterans are proven to be some of the most trained, educated and skilled people in the workforce; this legislation will give businesses the incentive to find the skilled employees that they seek and assist Ohio’s veterans in finding gainful employment upon returning home from service.

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