State Representative Niraj Antani (R – Miami Township) provided sponsor testimony on behalf of House Bill 102, which provides a bid preference for state contracts to a veteran-owned business and to authorize a tax credit for a business that hires and employs a veteran for at least one year.

“I have seen this issue first hand. It was many of my friends in my generation that served our country so nobly in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was them too that came home from war, only to face joblessness and despair. I believe it is our moral obligations to do everything we can to ensure veterans find jobs. Providing a tax incentive will be an effective and easy way to do this”

House Bill 102 would provide a $2,000 non-refundable personal income tax credit for each veteran hired who works at least 1,560 hours during a 12 month period. The bill would also provide a 5% bid preference for state contracts to a veteran-owned business.

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