COLUMBUS- Earlier this month, John Oliver encouraged his viewers to file comments with the Federal Communications Commission regarding FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s decision on net neutrality. A review of these comments found them filled with racism and inappropriate language directed at Chairman Pai, an Indian-American. These racist comments were covered nationally by Forbes and Free Beacon.

This week, the FCC opened the second round of public comment on this filing. In anticipation of encouraging a more civil discourse by calling attention to problematic racist comments, State Representative Niraj Antani released the following statement regarding those comments:

“While is healthy and necessary to have public comments on major policy proposals regarding all issues, the racist comments made about FCC Chairman Ajit Pai are disgusting and should be swiftly condemned.  All issues are worthy of debate, but our discourse cannot include nasty and racist comments. This shows that regardless of party, racism remains an issue in our country. I hope all will join in me in standing with Chairman Pai against racism.”   

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and State Representative Niraj Antani are among two of the most prominent Indian-American Republicans in the United States.

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