COLUMBUS- Today, the House passed HB 166, the state operating budget. Following approval of the conference report by the Senate, the bill will go to the Governor.

State Representative Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg) released the below statements regarding the various issues included in the budget.

The budget cuts the income tax by 4%, eliminates the bottom two brackets of Ohio income tax, and retains the small business deduction for most.

“Retaining the small business deduction is a big win for those driving our economy and seeking to hire more people. This small business tax cut will continue to help improve our job climate. As well, cutting Ohio’s income tax will help every working Ohioan. Following President Trump’s tax cuts, this tax relief will continue to spur economic activity across Ohio.”

The bill places a one year moratorium on academic distress commissions, of which Dayton Public Schools would have been facing later this year.

“Yet another year, the legislature fails students who are stuck in failing schools. This moratorium will gut accountability for the next year and will ensure Dayton Public Schools will continue to let down students, families, and our region. Accountability is good. It should not be shied away from, but rather embraced as a challenge worth fighting. I agree the academic distress commission model needs some reform, but we should not gut it for the next year.”

The budget increases to $5 from $3.50 the deputy registrar fee at the BMV.

“This is an outrageous tax increase on every Ohioan trying to drive to work or take their kids to soccer practice. The greedy state contractors have tried this for years and have been denied every time by the registrar of the BMV, so now they turn to a last minute amendment added to the state budget in the dark of the night. This is an unbelievable tax increase on Ohio’s drivers by the most disliked entity within state government.”

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