Today, State Representative Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg) introduced joint resolution 5 to change the procedures for initiated statutes and constitutional amendments. This Joint Resolution would increase the number of signatures needed for both initiated statute and constitutional amendment, increase the vote total needed for passage to 60 percent and ban the paying of petition gatherers.

"We need to stop liberal Californians from coming into Ohio and spending millions of dollars to try to add ill-conceived measures to the Ohio Constitution and Revised Code," Antani said. "It is time for Ohioans to take our initiative process back and stop well-funded, out-of-state special interests from coming into our state and wreaking havoc. Between the recreational marijuana issue in 2015, this year's Issue 2, or one of the other issues we've faced, we must take steps to remove the 'for sale' sign that is currently on our state's constitution and revised code."

“The Ohio Chamber has long recognized the need to safeguard the Ohio Constitution by requiring broader public support for amendments,” said Keith Lake, Vice President, Government Affairs at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. “It’s high time this entire process gets reformed to prevent out-of-state special interests from continually trying to hijack Ohio’s ballot.”

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