House Bill 425, sponsored by State Representative Niraj Antani (R-Miamisburg), has passed unanimously out of the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee today. This bill stipulates that, in general, specified portions of police-worn body camera videos as well as dashboard camera videos are public records for the purposes of the Public Record Law, except in certain circumstances.

 “As police departments across Ohio look to use body cameras, we must ensure privacy rights are protected, while providing accountability and transparency on both sides of the camera. This bill will advance police and community relations by providing public access to body camera videos while protecting privacy of our citizens,” Rep. Antani said.

 To strike that balance between transparency and privacy, the bill establishes instances in which a police body camera video cannot be released as a public record, including: if it is a confidential investigatory record, a video within a private home, a video within a private business, or a video of a sex crime victim.

 “We believe that House Bill 425 can be one of the nation’s best laws involving body cameras,” said Dennis Hetzel, Executive Director of the Ohio News Media Association, in his proponent testimony to the House Government Accountability and Oversight Committee.

 Representative Antani is available for media requests. Please contact him directly at 937-838- 6517.

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