COLUMBUS- State Rep. Nickie Antonio (D- Lakewood) released the following statement after the first committee hearing on so- called “right to work” legislation, House Bill 151 and House Joint Resolution 5. HB 151 attacks workers rights to collectively bargain in the private sector, while HJR 5 would place a so-called “right to work” amendment on the ballot.

 “The right to a living wage and safe working conditions will not be found in so-called ‘right to work’ legislation proposed by HB 151and Joint resolution 5.  I stand with our union brothers and sisters and continue to support their right to collective bargaining and representation.”

 Ohioans rejected similar legislation, Senate Bill 5, in 2011 by an overwhelming 62 percent of the vote statewide. Yet, House Republicans continue attempts to hurt hardworking, middle class Ohioans. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, workers in so-called “right to work” states earn $6,437 less in annual, average household income compared to states without laws that weaken collective bargaining. 

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