Rep. Antonio Applauds Medicaid Expansion As A Victory For Ohioans
Low-income families and veterans will benefit

Rep. Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood) applauded the state Controlling Board’s decision to approve Medicaid expansion in Ohio. The opportunity to expand Medicaid to 138% of the federal poverty level is a key part of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA). The Controlling Board was tasked with approving funding for the measure after the state legislature’s 10 months of inaction and nine false, self-imposed deadlines.

“It is time to move forward with Medicaid expansion in order to help hardworking Ohioans who deserve healthcare,” said Rep. Antonio.  “Low-income Ohioans, especially women and veterans, will be able to access affordable healthcare and continue to provide for their families.”

For months, Democratic House members, advocates and Ohio citizens worked tirelessly with Republican lawmakers to move Medicaid expansion forward.

Medicaid expansion is a main component of the ACA which takes a proactive approach to providing healthcare to Americans. In Ohio, Medicaid expansion will provide healthcare coverage for more than 275,000 low income citizens and create some 28,000 new jobs in our state.

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