Rep. Antonio Applauds Federal Grant To Bolster Cleveland Metroparks' Transit Project
Nearly $1M to build more bicycle, pedestrian trails as part of "Reconnecting Cleveland" project

State Rep. Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood) recently announced the release of $7.95 million in federal grants to expand bicycle and pedestrian trails throughout Cleveland Metroparks as part of the “Reconnecting Cleveland” project.

“This grant given to Cleveland Metroparks will undoubtedly bolster non-automobile transit throughout both Lakewood and the city of Cleveland,” said Antonio. “Dedicated pedestrian and biking paths are proven economic catalysts for city neighborhoods, as they help with overcoming transportation barriers affecting our city.”

The Metroparks project is projected to stimulate upwards of $54.6 million in economic benefits for affected areas. In Lakewood, federal grant money will be used to build a bridge in Wendy Park, as well as new infrastructure linking Wendy Park to Edgewater Park. The project is estimated to be completed by 2020. 

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