State Rep. Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood) today announced the state has awarded a contract worth $29,680 to Cleveland-based Craun Liebing Company to complete an important renovation project at the Ohio School for the Deaf in Franklin County.

“I am pleased the state is recognizing the excellent work and reputation of homegrown businesses like the Craun Liebing Company, which has been a successful local enterprise for over 90 years,” said Antonio. “I am certain that their quality work will help the Ohio School for the Deaf serve the next generation of students.”

The Ohio School for the Deaf campus utilizes a sanitary lift station to move waste from the campus uphill to the main sewer line. The system, which was installed circa 1990, has recently suffered frequent failures and does not have the ability to automatically notify school staff when there is a malfunction or complete system failure.

The Craun Liebing Company will be tasked with rebuilding the sanitary lift and bringing the system up to current standards to ensure the continued sanitary operation of the school. The upgraded system will have the ability to send a message to the maintenance staff in the event of a malfunction and will lower the school’s operational costs by reducing the amount of repairs required. 

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