COLUMBUS- The Ohio House of Representatives passed the state’s two year operating budget this afternoon, Sub. HB 59, without including the expansion of Medicaid, despite widespread support from groups all across the political spectrum and the healthcare industry. Medicaid expansion would have provided healthcare coverage for 275,000 Ohioans, including 26,000 veterans, and created an estimated 28,000 jobs in the healthcare field.


“I am deeply saddened by the House Republicans' refusal to provide the appropriations to move Ohio forward and protect working Ohioans and our veterans, while creating good paying jobs for our State and communities,” said Rep. Celebrezze, "In doing so, we have turned our back on $13 billion of federal aid."


Democratic members of the Ohio House pulled a discharge petition today in a final effort to move Medicaid expansion – House Bill 176 – directly to the floor for a vote. They called on Gov. Kasich to help obtain the eleven Republican signatures necessary to ensure the budget reflects the priorities of Ohioans and provides commonsense healthcare to those in need.

 Sub. House Bill 59 also includes last minute provisions dictating what should be private healthcare decisions between a woman and her doctor, by mandating ultrasounds for the detection of a fetal heartbeat. Such a measure would also force doctors to estimate the statistical likelihood that the fetus could be carried to term.

 “I am utterly disgusted that continued attacks on women’s healthcare were forced in to this budget bill,” said Rep. Celebrezze. “Adding provisions that are medically and scientifically bold-faced lies completely violates the private, informed healthcare decision that women should be able to make with their doctors.”

 The bill also maintains language to restrict women’s access to safe and legal healthcare by effectively defunding Planned Parenthood and prohibiting clinics that provide abortions from obtaining emergency transfer agreements with hospitals.

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