State Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown) today sent the below letter to the members of the House Bill 9 Conference Committee:

Dear Representatives and Senators of the HB 9 Conference Committee,

As you know, the Youngstown Public School system is located in my district. As you also know, autocratic, unaccountable, unelected Academic Distress Commissions, imposed under the provisions of HB 70, the so-called “Youngstown Plan,” control the YPS, the Lorain City Schools, and the East Cleveland City Schools. Governor DeWine and leaders of both parties in the General Assembly have acknowledged that the state takeover of these schools has been a disaster, that HB 70 must be repealed, and that local control of the three districts must be restored.

In 2019, the Ohio House passed HB 154 by a 83 to 12 margin. This bipartisan legislation would eliminate the ADCs now in existence and ensure that this ludicrous experiment is never repeated. It will allow teachers, students, parents, and residents to work together to ensure that each and every child in Ohio receives the world-class public education they need, want, and deserve. Since passing the Ohio House, this important legislation has stalled in the Senate. As a result, thousands of kids are languishing in school districts governed by a system that simply does not work.

Last night, the Senate approved an amendment to HB 9 that restores local control in Lorain. Unfortunately, inexplicably, and unconscionably, the amendment leaves kids in Youngstown and East Cleveland trapped beneath the onerous terms of the “Youngstown Plan.” As a member of the HB 9 Conference Committee, you have the power to free them by either expanding the amendment to include the YPS and ECPS or by attaching HB 154 as it passed the House as an amendment to HB 9.

I implore you to seize this opportunity to do the right thing, the very best thing, for our kids, our schools, our communities, and our state.


Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan
Ohio House District 58

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State Representative Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown) today sent the below letter to the members of the House Bill 9 Conference Committee.