Lepore-Hagan Comments On Latest "Right To Work Is Wrong" Legislation
Proposal to restrict private sector workers joins existing public sector RTW bill at Statehouse

State Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown), the highest ranking Democrat on Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee, today commented on legislative efforts underway at the Statehouse to limit the rights of public and private workers in Ohio to collectively bargain: 

“At a time when Ohio is on the “verge of a recession” and so many middle class families are struggling to stay afloat, it’s troubling that some lawmakers would seek to weaken the ability of working people – including police officers and firefighters – to have safer working conditions and earn wages that can sustain a family. 

“Workers in right to work for less states take home less pay, face higher poverty and infant mortality rates, and are more likely to die on the job. 

“Instead of resurrecting partisan, ideologically-driven attacks on workers, the legislature should prioritize education and community development to create jobs that provide wages that can sustain a family and grow our state. 

“Ohio voters delivered a clear message to lawmakers when they overwhelmingly rejected Senate Bill 5 six years ago. It is past time that majority lawmakers finally listen and understand that “right to work” is wrong for working families and wrong for Ohio.” 

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