Lepore-Hagan And Boccieri To Serve On Ohio House Legislative Panels
Will work with colleagues to help shape public policy

State Reps. John Boccieri (D-Poland) and Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown) today announced the committees on which they will serve during the 132nd General Assembly. Rep. Boccieri, who has earned and currently holds all his insurance licenses, will serve as the top Democratic member of the Ohio House Insurance Committee for the new legislative session. 

The Poland lawmaker will also serve on the following committees to help shape and refine public policy during the 132nd General Assembly:

- Energy and Natural Resources
- Public Utilities 

“I am looking forward to tackling some big issues this General Assembly, like the debate over re-regulating power companies or finding ways to spur alternative energy growth,” Boccieri said. “Energy policy not only affects our economic security but also our national security, and elected leaders must thread the needle to achieve positive results with smart policy in this area.” 

Meanwhile, Rep. Lepore-Hagan was selected to serve as the highest-ranking Democrat on the Economic Development, Commerce and Labor Committee. 

“I am determined to accomplish what I have started, working alongside my fellow legislators to ensure our communities are provided equitable opportunities on important issues,” said Lepore-Hagan. “Our children, our schools, our workers and our communities need leaders who will fight for them. I will continue to champion these causes on behalf of the Mahoning Valley.” 

Lepore-Hagan will also serve on the following committees this General Assembly: 

- Health
- Transportation and Public Safety 

The House of Representatives has 21 standing committees now after House Republicans slightly altered the committee structure for the 132nd General Assembly. The Judiciary Committee was split into two separate Criminal and Civil Justice Committees, committees on state and local government were consolidated, and several new committees – including Aging & Long-Term Care and Federalism & Interstate Relations – were established, among other changes. 

Committees are held any time before or after House floor sessions and are open to the public. House Finance Committee is generally broadcast live on the internet. The Ohio Senate recently announced they would begin to livestream additional standing committees, but the House has not yet indicated whether it will follow suit. 

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