State Rep. John Boccieri (D-Poland) today applauded the passage of House Bill 341, which would allow judges’ residential and familial information to be exempt from public records law. The bill comes in the wake of the shooting of a Jefferson County judge who delivered a 10-month juvenile prison sentence to Ma’Lik Richmond, a Youngstown State University football player convicted of rape in 2013. The player’s father shot the judge last year outside of a county courthouse.

“Our judges and magistrates deserve this type of protection,” said Boccieri. “Judges and Magistrates are forced to make tough decisions that affect many people, and this measure is just one tool to protect their families.”

Richmond was convicted of raping a 16-year old girl while still in high school in Steubenville during a party at which alcohol was served. YSU received backlash last year for deciding to offer a spot on their team to the player. Richmond, however, is not allowed to actually play in any games.

“Judges and their staff literally put their lives on the line for justice in our community,” said Lepore-Hagan. “I welcome this much-needed legislation.”

The judge survived the shooting but Richmond’s father, Nathaniel “Nate” Richmond, was killed by a probation officer.

The bill passed by a vote of 92-2 and now heads to the Senate for consideration. 

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