Call Center Consumer Protection Bill To Keep Jobs In Ohio
Legislation aims to stop outsourcing good-paying jobs

State Reps. Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown) and John Boccieri (D-Poland) this week announced the introduction of House Bill 245, legislation to protect Ohio’s call center jobs by incentivizing certain employers to keep their jobs here in Ohio instead of outsourcing operations overseas. The House lawmakers were joined by Senate Minority Leader Kenny Yuko (D-Richmond Heights) and Senator Joe Schiavoni (D-Boardman), who introduced companion legislation in the Senate, and members of the Communications Workers of America.  

“Attracting and retaining good-paying jobs that can help sustain a family must be a priority for our state,” said Lepore-Hagan. “Ohio has seen too many middle class jobs fleeing our state for too long. This bill is one thing we can do right now to keep those jobs where they belong, here at home in Ohio.” 

Under the bill, companies that choose to outsource service call center jobs would not be eligible for state grants or loans for five years. In addition, companies would have to give advanced notice to the director of the Department of Job and Family Services at least 120 days prior to relocating any call center jobs overseas or face civil penalties. 

“America is strongest when America is working,” said Boccieri. “This bipartisan bill will help make sure jobs stay in Ohio and support the American dream for hardworking families.” 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 171,700 call center workers throughout the state in 2016. Since 2006, Ohio has lost 13,900 call center jobs – a decline of over 7.5 percent.

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