State Rep. Michael Sheehy Celebrates New Bike Path
Oregon lawmaker champions decades of hard work by community leaders
July 31, 2013
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This morning, State Representative Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon) joined Mayor Mike Seferian and council members Peach, Seaman, Susor, and Reeves in a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of a new bike path that will connect Oregon to Maumee State Park and Lake Erie.

“This is a demonstration of what can be accomplished when government and elected officials ignore partisan political agendas and focus on what’s good for the community,” said Rep. Sheehy.

The 12-mile bike path, twenty years in the making, connects the city of Oregon to Maumee State Park and provides a safe, fun recreational trail for the Maumee Bay area.

The path was made possible by the leadership of the past four mayors of Oregon – Mayors Healey, Wasserman, Brown and Seferian – joined by the efforts of Oregon Schools, TMACOG and Toledo Metroparks.

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