Rep. Sheehy: Real State Of The State Different From Gov. Kasich's
Top-down economic policies leave 31K more unemployed, more taxes on working, middle class Ohioans
February 24, 2014
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MEDINA, Ohio- Today, State Representative Mike Sheehy (D-Oregon) attended the annual State of the State address given by Governor Kasich. The governor spoke of recent GOP tax cuts and highlighted potential cuts in the future that both benefit Ohio’s top income earners and put Ohio’s middle and working class families at a disadvantage.

“When Kasich was elected four years ago, he promised to bring back manufacturing jobs to the state. So far, his policies have only served to leave 31,000 more Ohioans unemployed than last year and created a shrinking middle class,” Rep. Sheehy commented after the speech.

Gov. Kasich also offered no plan to prioritize local communities after his historic $1 billion budget cut from local government funds. Many local governments and municipalities relied on that funding to help provide adequate public safety services to their citizens.

“After having spent the past twenty years in local government, I know from experience that the majority of a community’s budget is allocated for police and fire. Cutting state funding to local governments has done nothing but make our neighborhoods less safe while cutting the jobs we need the most,” added Rep. Sheehy.

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