Rep. Sheehy Honored For New Road Safety Law At Ohio Bicycle Summit
Northwest Ohio lawmaker receives the H.M. Huffman Award from the Ohio Bicycling Federation

State Rep. Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon) attended the Ohio Bicycle Federation’s (OBF) fourth Ohio Bicycling Summit Tuesday, an event at the Ohio Statehouse to celebrate National Bike Month and the recent passage of the three-foot bicycle-passing clearance law. Sheehy, a sponsor of the new road safety law, was honored with the H.M. Huffman Award for Service to Ohio bicycling for his work to make the roads safer for cyclists and motorists.

“I am very honored to receive this award,” said Rep. Sheehy. “As an avid bicyclist myself, I know how frightening it can be when a car passes you quickly and closely on the road. I am just glad to have been able to pass this legislation to ensure the safety of bicyclists and motorists. Receiving this award simply reinforces the importance of the new law for bicyclists across Ohio.”

OBF Chair Chuck Smith applauded Sheehy’s work as part of a larger push to make Ohio safer for cyclists.

“The new, statewide law requiring three feet passing clearance is the most recent of several upgrades in Ohio law relating to bicycling for which OBF is responsible,” said Smith. “We have successfully shepherded five pro-cycling measures through the Ohio legislature to signature by the governor and promoted the use of bicycles.”

State Rep. Mike Henne (R-Clayton) also received the award for helping usher the bipartisan bill through the legislature.

To kickoff National Bike Month, the OBF dedicated its Summit Bike Ride to “Your Move Ohio.” The ride – a result of joint efforts between the Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Transportation – encourages people to embrace active commuting habits like biking, taking the bus and walking.

The OBF will keep celebrating National Bike Month through social media and organized rides. Various events across Ohio are planned for the Bike to Work Day on May 19.

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