Rep. Sheehy Expresses Concern With Growing Number Of Algal Blooms
Attends meeting focused on Lake Erie restoration effort
August 07, 2013
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COLUMBUS—State Rep. and former city councilman Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon), attended the Lake Erie Protection and Restoration Plan meeting at the Maumee Public Library this week. As a long-time resident of the Maumee Bay area, Rep. Sheehy is concerned by the harmful algal blooms that are overtaking the Maumee Bay and greater Western Basin of Lake Erie year after year.

“This toxic blue-green algae is a huge threat to all Ohioans. Not only does it slow tourism and harm the fishing industry, but it poses a public health risk by contaminating water millions of Ohioans rely on for drinking. We have to take this seriously,” said Rep. Sheehy. “I just can’t imagine losing the lake, and if we don’t work together to solve this crisis, we will, and very soon. The restoration and protection of Ohio’s lakes must be a priority.”

While not all algae is harmful, the type seen in the huge blooms in the western part of Lake Erie and other inland Ohio lakes can produce nerve and liver toxins, which are especially dangerous for pets, children, the elderly and those with comprised immune systems. The algae have already limited the use of three other Ohio lakes, as well as some Canadian beaches. The algae is fed by the rising water temperatures and phosphates commonly found in fertilizers.



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