Rep. Sheehy Closer To Bringing Awareness To Ohio Prescription Drug Problem
Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness & Education Day legislation passes House
January 30, 2014
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On Wednesday, Rep. Mike Sheehy (D-Oregon) announced the passage of House Bill 399, legislation which designates the first Friday in May as Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness & Education Day. The bill was inspired by a constituent in the district who testified before the Toledo opioid sub-committee hearing over the summer.

“For the past forty years I have advocated on behalf of co-workers and friends with substance abuse problems,” said. Rep. Sheehy. “Only in the past two years though, have I become aware of the opioid and prescription drug epidemic, which affects every county across Ohio. My hope is that this legislation will bring awareness to the epidemic, so we can start working to ensure a drug-free environment”

Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness & Education Day will occur in conjunction with Substance Abuse Awareness & Education Month, recognized during the entirety of May. HB 399 passed out of the House with a unanimous vote of 90-0. 


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