State Rep. Michael O’Brien (D-Warren) today announced he will serve as the top Democratic member of the Ohio House Energy and Natural Resources Committee for the new legislative session.  

“I am honored to be named ranking member on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee,” said O’Brien. “Advances in technology have spurred rapid growth in the energy industry in recent years, especially in Eastern Ohio. As state representative, I am committed to working to connect our working men and women with the new economic opportunities in the natural gas and advanced energy industries, while also being mindful of the need to preserve our natural resources for the benefit of our children and grandchildren.” 

There are a number of growing opportunities related to energy and natural gas. 

O’Brien will also serve on the following committees to help shape and refine public policy during the 132nd General Assembly: 

- Agriculture and Rural Development
- Finance
- Finance Subcommittee on Health and Human Services
- Finance Subcommittee on Agriculture, Development and Natural Resources
- State and Local Government

The House of Representatives has 21 standing committees now after House Republicans slightly altered the committee structure for the 132nd General Assembly. The Judiciary Committee was split into two separate Criminal and Civil Justice Committees, committees on state and local government were consolidated, and several new committees – including Aging & Long-Term Care and Federalism & Interstate Relations – were established, among other changes. 

Committees are held any time before or after House floor sessions and are open to the public. House Finance Committee is generally broadcast live on the internet. The Ohio Senate recently announced they would begin to livestream additional standing committees, but the House has not yet indicated whether it will follow suit.

O’Brien, elected to his second term in November and sworn in earlier this month, has served his community for years while working as a city councilman, county commissioner, mayor and now state representative. 

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