University Of Toledo Gets State Nod For Over $800,000 Toward Campus Renovations
Pair of projects will upgrade technology, weatherproof campus buildings

State Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) today announced the release of over $800,000 in state funds to the University of Toledo for a pair of renovation projects. The state funding was approved earlier this week by the state Controlling Board, a panel tasked with oversight of state spending. 

The university received $700,900 to upgrade and replace fiber optic cables between various building on the north side of the main campus. The existing fiber cabling is over 30 years old and in poor condition, causing hardware failures and limiting network services. 

“As information technology rapidly advances, it is critical for our universities to maintain a modern learning environment that can deliver a first-class education to Ohio’s next generation of innovators,” said Ashford “I am pleased the state is partnering with the University of Toledo to invest in technologies that will keep them competitive in the 21st century.” 

Rep. Ashford also announced today that the university has received $128,200 in state funds to weatherproof multiple buildings on several UT campuses, including the North Engineering Building, Snyder Memorial, the Health Science Building, Bowman-Oddy Laboratories and the Law Center, among others. 

“The successful completion of this project will help ensure UT students have access to safe and comfortable learning environments no matter where they are on campus,” said Ashford. 

The university will contract with Sylvania-based Stough and Stough Architects LLC to complete the project, which will involve roof replacements, as well as the cleaning and/or replacement of doors, masonry and window glazing to eliminate existing or potential leaks.

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