State Rep. Michael Ashford Votes Against GOP's Anti-Middle Class Budget
House Republicans' budget takes Ohio back 60 years

COLUMBUS- The Ohio House of Representatives this afternoon approved a state budget that rewards the rich while continuing to hurt our schools and communities, and denies Medicaid expansion to hundreds of thousands of working poor throughout Ohio.  Following the vote, State Rep. Michael Ashford issued the following statement:

 “The Republicans’ House Bill 59 is a partisan bill that continues to hurt working and middle-class families. The right-wing legislative branch has gutted Medicaid Expansion by tabling House Amendment HF 2077 which was offered by the House Democrats.

 “Despite state-wide support, House Republicans have chosen to deny health care coverage to 275,000 Ohioans, they have cost Ohio 28,000 potential jobs, and now we will lose $13 billion over the next five years.

 “But it gets worse! The budget includes a $1.5 billion tax cut that disproportionately benefits the wealthy, cuts $200 million for public education, wages voter suppression against college students, cuts $25 million in funding for public libraries, and makes a 50% reduction for local government funding to support police and fire. Yet this is a budget that spends $61.5 billion dollars; the largest in history!

 “The Governor and House Republicans are two-for-two. The 2011 budget attacked education, AARP, college tuition, police, firefighters, caseworkers, teachers, bus-drivers, youth workers and unions. The 2013 budget attacks public transportation, increases vouchers for charter schools, side steps adopting full Medicaid expansion, attacks Planned Parenthood, and you get the rest! Hopefully this will be our last budget from Gov. Kasich.”

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