State Rep. Ashford Votes Against Budget That Prioritizes The Rich And Leaves Middle- Class Families Behind
Partisan budget raises taxes on middle class, denies Ohioans healthcare and continues cuts to public education

COLUMBUS- The Ohio House of Representatives voted this afternoon to approve the state’s two year operating budget, Sub. HB 59. The budget puts millionaires first, while raising taxes on the middle class and continuing to hurt our school and communities. The final budget fails to address Medicaid expansion for hundreds of thousands of working poor throughout Ohio. 

 “Gov. Kasich 61.7 billion is the largest GRF budget in Ohio history. Since Governor Kasich assumed office in January 2011, his budget has been divided into two parts the haves and the have not’s. The first budget cut public education by 1.8 billion and in this budget there is an additional 532.7 million cut from education Let’s review the budget.”

  • 10% tax cut that favors the very top wage earners

  • 25% sales tax increase that will disproportionally hurt working and middles class families

  • 12.5% increase to local property taxpayers on new and replacement levies/ and hurt funding for Public Education.

  • 436 school districts will see more cuts (3out of4)

  • 13 billion in federal funding lost in Medicaid Expansion.

  • 28,00 New jobs lost by refusing Medicaid Expansion

  • 26,000 veterans continues to go without healthcare coverage

  • 275,000 people denied healthcare coverage because of the refusal to adopt federal Medicaid coverage

 “This budget puts millionaires first, leaves middle class families behind, it denies healthcare coverage to those in need, and it’s an extreme attack on Women’s healthcare. The defunding of Planned Parenthood puts many women in jeopardy across the state of Ohio. The GOP refused to ask the state Oil and Gas companies to pay their fair share in taxes, causing local government to foot the bill for Road Repairs, environmental clean-up and infrastructure improvements. We have totally ignored our seniors by adding a cap for Homestead owners, and turning our back on our Senior Centers.”

 Democratic members of the Ohio House pulled a discharge petition today before session in a final effort to move Medicaid expansion – House Bill 176 – directly to the floor for a vote. They called on Gov. Kasich to help get the eleven Republican signatures necessary to ensure the budget reflects the priorities of Ohioans and provides commonsense healthcare to those in need. 

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