State Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) today announced the release of state funding for projects at local business accelerator Rocket Ventures, LLC and the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (NOPH). Three million dollars of the funds released today will go to Rocket Ventures to help develop the Rocket Venture Fund II Pre-Seed Fund, which will work to accelerate the growth of early-stage Ohio technology companies.

“The innovative ideas of entrepreneurs help create new technologies and opportunities that drive job growth,” said Ashford. “These funds will help jump-start the creative businesses of tomorrow and will lay the foundation for future jobs in our community.”

Rocket Ventures, founded in 2007, is an investment and entrepreneurial services organization for high-tech, early-stage companies in northwest Ohio, targeting companies that have the potential to realize multiple millions of dollars in annual revenue within five years. The Rocket Venture Fund will provide three million in matching dollars.

Ashford also announced the release of $51,000 in state funding to provide snow removal services for Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (NOPH). The hospital will use the funding to contract A2W Property Care, based in Toledo.

“In northern Ohio, heavy snow is always a serious concern during the winter,” said Ashford. “It is important that NOPH has reliable services to maintain a safe campus during those heavy snow days so that they can continue to provide quality services and care to patients and their families.”

The contract for A2W Property Care’s services will include snow removal from all sidewalk areas, parking lots, and all hospital entrances and exits on the premises based on a per "Snow Event" price. The snow clearing services will be available as needed on a continuous 24 hours and seven days per week basis.

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