Rep. Michael Ashford: Extreme Gun Bill Puts Our Children At Risk
Lawmaker calls HB 8 another example of prioritizing extremism over Ohioans' needs
January 23, 2014
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COLUMBUS –State Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) released the following statement today in response to Wednesday’s House approval of House Bill 8, a measure to put guns in school classrooms by arming teachers:

“I am appalled by the number of extreme gun bills that continue to be pushed through the Ohio legislature. The thought of keeping a gun in a classroom should concern everyone. Arming teachers with deadly weapons is not the safest way to protect our children. We are effectively asking educators to play both the role of teacher and cop. The Fraternal Order of Police warned us to stay far away from this bill, yet many of my colleagues have gone against their better judgment and bypassed the professionals’ recommendations. I can only pray that we do not experience the tragedy of losing a child to a misfired gun at school.”

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