Rep. Ashford: University Of Toledo Student Library To Undergo $2.6M Renovation
Project will upgrade technology and infrastructure, create enhanced student learning environment

State Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) today announced the release of $2,638,500 in state funds to University of Toledo (UT) for major renovations to the Carlson Library. The Academic Technology and Renovation project will make technology, infrastructure and environment upgrades to the third and fourth floors of UT’s main campus library.

“The library has always served as a vital space for any university, where many students spend their time studying diligently and expanding their knowledge,” said Ashford. “As an educational pillar in Lucas County, the University of Toledo does a tremendous job educating and preparing our students to succeed in the 21st century. I am pleased that we are able to recognize and help support the university’s efforts to create and maintain efficient, technologically advanced, student-oriented environments for learning.”

The renovations to Carlson Library will focus on the highest priority areas that need the most work. Plans include creating new student learning environments, social hubs for faculty, staff and students, updates to the library’s technology and restrooms, and repairs and/or replacements of insufficient infrastructure within the two floors.

Carlson Library, an essential academic building for University of Toledo students, is expected to undergo future maintenance, as well as modernization of instructional and support areas, as future state funding is received.

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