Many Northwest Ohioans will celebrate Labor Day this weekend by attending a family picnic or enjoying big sales while back-to-school shopping.

But the real reason for commemorating Labor Day is to honor hardworking Americans in their everyday pursuit to keep our workforce the best in the world.

Since the days of the Industrial Revolution, labor unions have fought hand-in-hand with American workers to bolster our nation’s economy by backing solid wages, safe working environments and fair employment practices. And these unions continue to stick up for the middle class.

However, politically-motivated attacks on workers and unions have taken center stage in Ohio. Even after Ohio voters soundly defeated anti-worker legislation Senate Bill 5 in 2011, out-of-touch state lawmakers introduced so-called “right to work” legislation. If implemented, these laws would threaten the livelihood of our state’s already-hurting working and middle class families.

Unlike the discounted school supplies you purchase this weekend, so-called “right to work” is a bad deal. But by standing behind our workers on Labor Day and everyday, we can promote a robust economy that ensures Ohio stays open for businesses and families alike. 

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