Rep. Ashford, Regional Lawmakers Urge JobsOhio To Consider Advanced Manufacturing Needs, Preserve Jeep Production
Call on agency to make smart, strategic investments in advanced auto manufacturing
October 10, 2014
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Today, Toledo-area State Reps. Mike Sheehy (D-Oregon), Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) and Mike Ashford (D-Toledo) called on the state’s economic development agency, JobsOhio, to meet the demands of the growing advanced manufacturing industry by considering facility upgrades necessary to accommodate the potential Wrangler design change suggested last week by Chrysler Group CEO Sergio Marchionne.

“The Jeep Wrangler is part of the lifeblood of Toledo,” said Rep. Sheehy. “We would be failing our city and our state if we didn’t make every attempt to meet the demands of the 21st century automotive manufacturing industry. Toledo must remain at the forefront of Jeep innovation, and JobsOhio should assure Chrysler that our state is willing to make smart investments to see that happen.”

The letter follows Thursday’s meeting between city and state officials and Marchionne where the leaders discussed the future of the Wrangler in Toledo.

"The production of the Jeep Wrangler has had a significant presence in Toledo and continues to be one of our most valued icons,” said Rep. Fedor. “I'm confident that our highly skilled workforce can continue the tradition to build the next generation of Wrangler."

A copy of the legislators’ letter can be seen below:

Dear Ms. Tanner:

We, the Toledo state legislative delegation, urge JobsOhio to do everything in its power to ensure that the next generation of the Jeep Wrangler continues production in Toledo, Ohio. 

Since the 1940s, Toledo has been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the Jeep. More than 4,000 highly-skilled Ohioans are employed by Chrysler at one of its three plants in the city. The Wrangler was invented in Toledo and has been a staple in production.

Recent reports have indicated that the Wrangler may be built elsewhere because of potential design and manufacturing limitations at Toledo facilities. We would be remiss to overlook any investment in forward-thinking advanced manufacturing opportunities that rise to meet the demands of the 21st century global economy.

We implore JobsOhio, as the entity charged with overcoming our economic development challenges, to work closely with Chrysler to ensure Jeep Wrangler production stays in Toledo. Unless our state is willing to make strategic investments in our advanced manufacturing capacity and infrastructure, how can we rest assured that these 4,000 jobs will stay in Toledo?

We are committed to helping keep Toledo at the head of automotive innovation and offer any assistance necessary to ensure our state’s economic development entity has the ability to meet Chrysler’s needs and the needs of our state.


State Rep. Mike Sheehy

46th House District


State Rep. Teresa Fedor

45th House District


State Rep. Mike Ashford

44th House District


cc: Governor John Kasich

Mr. John Minor, President & Chief Investment Officer, JobsOhio

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