Rep. Ashford: New Lights At Toledo Correctional Will Bolster Prison Security
Local electric company picked to replace aging exterior light fixtures
January 25, 2016
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State Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) today announced the release of over $160,000 in state funds to finance the replacement of aging exterior light fixtures at the Toledo Correctional Institution.  Local Toledo business Laibe Electric Company has been awarded the contract for the retrofit project.  

“Maintaining the proper level of lighting is critical to ensuring the safety and security of prison staff and our community,” said Ashford. “I am pleased to know that a local Toledo business will be working to complete this important project, which will increase security and save taxpayers’ money.”

The current exterior lighting fixtures at the closed custody prison are at the end of their useful life, and are very costly to maintain. Toledo Correctional institution will save over an estimated $22,000 each year after installation of new light fixtures is complete. 

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