Rep. Ashford Announces State Funds For Ohio Air National Guard
Toledo Airport to allow use of runways for Air National Guard operations

COLUMBUS—State Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) announced today that $192,050  in state funding was released to renew a contract with the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority, to provide flight operations and use of runways for the Ohio Air National Guard at the Toledo Express Airport.


“It is imperative that the Ohio Air National Guard be able to continue carrying out their operations at the Toledo Express Airport,” said Rep. Ashford. “The Ohio Air National Guard has worked hard to ensure the security of Ohioans, and it is only right that we allow them to utilize our facilities.”


Flight operations are critical to the overall mission of the Ohio Air National Guard. They have long been established at the Toledo Express Airport, and needless to say the renewing of this contract is of the utmost importance.

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