Rep. Ashford Announces Over $1.3 Million For Security, Safety Projects
University of Toledo to upgrade cybersecurity, expand network protection across campuses
December 04, 2017
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State Representative Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) today announced the release of $1.375 million in state funds to the University of Toledo (UT) and to the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (NOPH) for security and safety improvement projects. The state funding was approved by the Controlling Board, a panel tasked with oversight of state spending.

“As we become more reliant on data being uploaded, stored and shared electronically, it is important that we take the necessary precautions for added protection,” said Rep. Ashford. “UT holds records for countless students, faculty and staff, and I applaud their commitment to securing their network’s sensitive personal information.”

$1.3 million will go toward a system-wide upgrade of UT’s firewall and network security, as well as for improvements to the university’s anti-virus and malware protection services. The university is currently in the process of upgrading and expanding all network and data cybersecurity throughout its various campuses.

The remaining funds will go to NOPH, who received $75,000 for winter snow and ice removal at the Toledo-area hospital.

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