COLUMBUS- This week House committee members accepted an amendment to restore the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) division of the Development Services Agency (DSA) thanks to the efforts of Rep. Ashford (D-Toledo) and other members of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus. Initially, the budget line item was scratched, completely defunding the MBE division. Rep. Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) offered an amendment to restore the line item and maintain funding for the MBE division.


“If we expect minority-owned businesses to flourish, it is imperative that to keep MBE in-tact. They possess the necessary resources to assist business-owners in their entrepreneurial endeavors,” said Rep. Ashford. “Now that it’s in the budget bill, I am calling upon my colleagues from across the aisle to accede this amendment with open arms.”


For many years, Ohio has had the goal of awarding 15 percent of state contracts to minority-owned businesses. Currently, that number stands around 3 percent, with a high of 7 percent in 2011. The restoration of the MBE amendment will allow the division to continue work on raising those numbers.

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