GOP-backed Bill Rewards Employers Who Break The Law, Threatens Worker Safety
HB 380 creates loopholes for big corporations who actively hire undocumented workers
December 05, 2017
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State Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) today voted in opposition to House Bill (HB) 380, a Republican-sponsored bill to deny workers’ compensation benefits to undocumented workers who get injured or killed on the job. The House passed the bill on a largely party-line vote.

“Though Republicans say employees and their families will have the opportunity to pursue legal action against employers if they get injured or killed on the job, the burden of proof is so high that the chances of winning a challenge are all but zero,” said Rep. Ashford. “The fallout from this bill will impact injured workers and their families, as well as everyday Ohioans, who will be stuck with the bills companies that cheat the system and hire undocumented workers will no longer be required to pay.”

Employers would not be liable for damages under HB 380 as long as the employee seeking damages is an undocumented worker or a non-citizen dependent of an undocumented worker killed on the job. The bill also creates the legal presumption that the employer did not hire a person knowing they were undocumented, placing the burden of proof onto the worker to prove the employer willfully made the hire knowing the applicant was unauthorized to work in the U.S.

HB 380 now moves to the Senate for consideration.

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