Ashford Announces Over $1.6M For Toledo-area Infrastructure Upgrades
Local psychiatric hospital, university to undergo safety renovation work
December 19, 2016
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State Rep. Michael Ashford (D-Toledo) today announced the release of over $1.6 million in state funds to the University of Toledo (UT) for major upgrades to the university’s out-of-date elevator system. Funding for the ongoing project was approved at today’s meeting by the state Controlling Board, a panel tasked with oversight of state spending.

“The state’s continued investment in UT shows that Ohio is serious about providing safe, world-class education facilities for our leaders of tomorrow,” said Ashford. “As our students are going to and from their classes, the safety and reliability of our infrastructure should be the least of their worries. I look forward to seeing the completion of this project and the peace of mind these updates will provide for the entire university community.”

The state dollars will fund phase 2 of the project, which includes upgrades to the 40-50 year-old elevators in five academic buildings on campus—Snyder Memorial, Ritter Astrophysical Research Center, the UT Law Center, McMaster Hall, and Palmer Hall—as well as replacements to three elevator cabs in Carlson Library.

Many of the current elevators have had no major work done since their initial installation and are missing important safety features, including an elevator recall function that’s tied to the fire alarm system. These much-needed improvements will bring the elevators up to current ADA standards, as well as result in minimized maintenance, increased safety, and a modernized appearance.

Rep. Ashford also today announced the release of $68,200 in state dollars to the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services for enhanced fire protection at Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital (NOPH) in Lucas County.

“As a long time care provider for one of our state’s most vulnerable populations, NOPH has always maintained the safety of their patients as a top priority,” said Ashford. “These renovations will help to prevent the spread of toxic smoke and potentially save many lives, should an emergency situation ever occur.”

The project includes improving access to smoke dampers for required testing, as well as sealing penetrations in rated walls throughout the hospital.

The Northwest Psychiatric Hospital in Toledo is one of six regional psychiatric hospitals that operate under the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. These specialized facilities provide short-term, intensive treatment to patients in both inpatient and community-supported environments. They also deliver comprehensive care to patients committed by criminal courts.

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