Buckeye Pathway

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how this caucus is taking steps to continue Ohio's steady and impressive progress while also reviewing some of our long-term goals. I hope this provides you with some background of our mission and vision for the 132nd General Assembly. However, as I continue to say, this caucus is a family, and I encourage you to join me in initiating policy ideas that can work to bring the Buckeye Pathway to life.

In 2015, many of members took part in supporting the Ohio 2020 Plan, a package of bills that integrated various policy ideas into areas of focus, which were eventually drafted into pieces of legislation. I appreciate all the work the Republican caucus has accomplished to make the 2020 Plan a success.

Throughout the 131st General Assembly, we have ensured the well-being of Ohioans through various avenues beyond the 2020 Plan. Below are some of our major accomplishments:

• Passed a comprehensive state budget plan that cut taxes for Ohioans by nearly $1.9 billion and brought the top rate to under 5 percent—the lowest it has been since 1982

• Established for the first time in Ohio an Address Confidentiality Program for victims of stalking and domestic violence

• Passed truancy reform in by decriminalizing students who are habitually missing school and helping schools develop a plan

• Helped families and businesses during the back-to-school season by creating a three-day sales tax holiday during which certain school supplies are exempt from sales tax

• Created a legal system for medical marijuana by tightly regulating the distribution of medical marijuana and ensuring access to those who need the medicine

• Passed a loan and repayment mechanism to pay off the outstanding unemployment compensation debt that Ohio businesses owe to the federal government—saving these businesses millions of dollars

Although this list doesn’t include every provision from the last General Assembly, it is a helpful representation of the work we have achieved in coordination with the constituents we serve. Thank you for continuing forward by way of the Buckeye Pathway as we guide policy and encourage a stronger and better-prepared state, poised to thrive on a national and global scale.

Speaker Clifford A. Rosenberger

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