State Representatives Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) and Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) introduced legislation that would create an additional funding source for all public and private schools throughout the state of Ohio.

The piece of legislation would allow for the creation of a specialty license plate for all public and private schools. With the purchase of the specialty license plates, the school will receive additional funding that shall be designated to assist in the emotional and mental well-being of their students, as well as for tuition assistance for the private schools that elect to participate.

Under the legislation, any Ohio resident who wishes to support one of the schools, who have chosen to create a specialty plate, can purchase the appropriate license plate, which will showcase each school’s design. There will be an additional charge of $40 on top of the original costs for the plate—$10 to be used by the BMV for administrative purposes and $30 to be directly earmarked to the corresponding schools. Purchasers of the plates shall remain anonymous from any school database, unless they complete a consent form to release their information to the schools.

“The bill provides a unique financial mechanism for any school across the state to utilize,” said Rep. Anielski.  “I appreciate my colleague, Representative Patmon, for recognizing the importance of the opportunity to join me in assisting our most precious gifts, our children, in developing into thriving empowered adults.”

“Buy a plate, help a child. With this effort Ohio’s children will be better off,” Rep. Patmon said.

Celena Roebuck, Superintendent of Cuyahoga Valley Career Center said: “I am thrilled at the personalization of license plates for institutions like Ohio’s Career and Technical Career Centers, namely Cuyahoga Valley Career Center.  Members of CVCC’s 26 communities and thousands of alumnus can show their support of our career center with their CVCC license plates and feel good about contributing to support organizations designed to help young adults and students in need.  CVCC is also thrilled to do design work for our CVCC license plates through our Digital Design and Graphic Imaging Technology programs but can also design for other schools around the state in partnership with the Ohio BMV. There is no better resume material for a CVCC trained student than to see their design traveling on Ohio’s roadways.”

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