It is no secret that Ohio’s small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They help create jobs and encourage growth within our community. The role of state government is to enact policy that will support and empower our local businesses, not create burdensome regulations that make it difficult for these companies to operate effectively and efficiently.

Serving as a state legislator in my second term, I am proud to say that as a legislature we have been able to implement many beneficial programs and initiatives for our small businesses. One program in particular is the Common Sense Initiative, or CSI.

The mission behind the Common Sense Initiative is to develop common sense state business regulations that minimize the cost and complexity of compliance, and promote economic development. At its core, CSI is a process for evaluating and revising the policies that are too burdensome for businesses.

To date, CSI has been able to amend or rescind 7,850 rules that were hindering Ohio business expansion. The program is able to achieve this by encouraging an open dialogue with local chambers, state agencies and business associations to identify which policies have been deterring companies’ growth.

One example of the Common Sense Initiative working effectively can be seen in a recent policy change from the Ohio EPA. Previously, the OEPA charged the construction and demolition industry a fee for monitoring the ground water throughout the duration of a company’s project. In working with both the Ohio Construction and Demolition Association and the OEPA, CSI was able to foster a compromise between both organizations that involves the OEPA removing their fee policy.

Seeing the Common Sense Initiative have such tremendous success for our business climate is encouraging. As a business owner myself, I know that reducing regulations and roadblocks is the key to a business’s success. At the end of the day, cutting red tape and regulations is just plain common sense.

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