Today, state Sen. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo) and Rep. Lisa Sobecki (D-Toledo) issued the following statements after the release of the State Report Card Study Committee’s Final Report:


“I am more than disappointed that this report does not make any recommendations to improve the obviously flawed Report Card.  Not having an accurate and transparent report card does irreparable damage to our state. It is time for a complete overhaul of this flawed accountability system,” said State Senator Fedor. “We need to get serious and stop playing games with the lives of our children. The report card by design is failing our schools by creating a false narrative that good schools are failing their students. This dangerous designation not only triggers unnecessary sanctions it also makes local tax dollars vulnerable to voucher programs that fund private education- draining the critical resources needed to modernize education for 90% of children in Ohio. The least we could do is create a task force to continue what we started. Ohio’s children deserve a better future.”


“I am deeply frustrated with the State School Report Card Study Committee’s final report because it failed to meet statutory requirements,” said State Rep. Sobecki. “The report did not offer any concrete recommendations for improvements to the State School Report Card. The process was a disservice to Ohio taxpayers. The Republicans in charge seemed more interested in checking a box than producing a meaningful report. The committee abdicated its responsibilities and we owe it to our youngest Ohioans to do better.”


Sen. Fedor and Rep. Sobecki circulated a rebuttal letter to the members of the committee in hopes it would be included with the final report. The lawmakers will continue to work with stakeholders to address the State School Report Cards in 2020.

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