The Ohio Senate yesterday unanimously passed Senate Bill 213 yesterday, effectively agreeing to the Ohio House amendments that were included in the bill. Senate Bill 213 modifies the application and procedures for licenses issued by the State Board of Cosmetology.
Senate Bill 213, which has been championed by State Representative Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson), makes various changes including eliminating “managing” cosmetology licenses as well as the requirement that every salon have a managing cosmetologist present when open. The bill additionally creates "advanced" cosmetology licenses.

The committee heard from several industry professionals who explained that requiring a managing cosmetologist to be present in salons at all times was unnecessarily burdensome, and impeded an owner’s ability to run a salon.

“This is a common sense reform that lifts the burden of over-licensure from an industry that touches every community in Ohio,” Roegner said.

The bill further clarifies certain activities relating to practices of cosmetology, including establishing “boutique services” as a separate branch of cosmetology.  Those seeking to practice that branch must now register with the board.

Senate Bill 213 now goes to Governor Kasich for his signature.


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