Columbus State To Complete Over $1M In Technology, Safety Renovations
Community college partners with state to overhaul computer labs, aging elevators
March 21, 2016
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State Rep. Kristin Boggs (D-Columbus) today announced over $1 million in state investment in two critical renovation projects on the campus of Columbus State Community College (CSCC) that will bolster connectivity and improve student and faculty safety.

This afternoon the state approved the release of just over $65,200 to CSCC for updates to the school’s information technology (IT) system, including upgrades to CSCC’s wireless, network and regional telephone systems.

“Technology and information systems are increasingly critical sectors of the global economy,” said Boggs. “I am pleased to see CSCC’s commitment to providing a technologically advanced classroom experience that will prepare the next generation of Ohio leaders for success.”

The funds will also enable CSCC to complete an overhaul of three computer laboratories, transforming them into interactive laboratories for advanced networking and software development courses, as well as finish construction of the CT Innovation Center Multimedia Design Studio.

Rep. Boggs also announced today the release of $1,108,100 to CSCC to renovate eight elevators in five different locations on campus. The upgrades will address critical safety and liability issues of the aging elevators. 

“Aging infrastructure can compromise the safety of CSCC students and faculty,” said Boggs. “These necessary upgrades will ensure more reliable elevator operations and allow CSCC to focus on the educational needs of their students and the community that they serve.”

The completion of the Elevator Modernization project will decrease unscheduled downtime and maintenance as well as reduce operating and energy costs. The project includes one elevator in both Columbus Hall and Delaware Hall, and two elevators in Nestor Hall, Eibling Hall, and a campus parking garage. 

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