State Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) released the following statement in support of ACLU, Demos, and APRI’s (A. Philip Randolph Institute) pre-litigation action against Secretary of State Jon Husted for unlawfully purging voters from the rolls:

“I am very encouraged to see the ACLU, Demos, and APRI take action to fight unnecessary and unlawful voter purging in Ohio,” said Clyde. “Secretary Husted claims he has to continue his overly aggressive purge process in order to update voter addresses and reduce provisional ballots, but neither of those statements are true. Updates can be done without purging voters and this type of action certainly does not lead to more ballots being cast and counted. I hope that these groups can have fruitful discussions with the Secretary’s office to stop these harmful purges and restore eligible voters to the rolls.”

The press release from the three groups about the pre-litigation letter they sent to the Secretary of State can be found here.

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