Rep. Clyde Calls On Rotek To End The Lockout Of Workers
Questions Rotek's compliance with requirements for state investment dollars
August 14, 2013
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AURORA- State Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) called on Rotek Inc. of Aurora to end its lockout of more than 100 workers represented by the United Steel Workers.

“I urge Rotek to reinstate their workers as quickly as possible by negotiating a fair contract,” Rep. Clyde said. “Rotek has received grants and tax credits from Ohio to support their presence in the state. This lockout has lasted more than six months, and I’m concerned that it’s affected Rotek’s ability to maintain their obligations in receiving state dollars.”  

Rotek was awarded Ohio’s Job Creation Tax Credit worth over a million dollars in 2008. Between 2008- 2011, Rotek also received an Ohio’s Energy Sector Training Grant, a Business Development Grant and an Industrial Training Grant. Funds received totaled $405,000. In 2009, the City of Aurora was awarded a $256,813 Ohio Roadwork Development Grant to complete a public roadwork project that supported Rotek’s expansion.

Rotek produces large diameter slewing bearings and forged steel rings, parts used in the manufacturing of wind and solar energy products and other products used for mechanical engineering. 

The letter is below:


Dr. Tim Gudszend, President

Rotek Inc.

1400 South Chillicothe Rd.

Aurora, OH 44202


Dear Dr. Gudszend:

I write with great concern brought to my attention by U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown about the lockout of more than 100 of your workers represented by the United Steel Workers. Though Rotek’s facility is not in my district, a number of my constituents work for your company, and the lockout of these individuals continues to adversely affect these citizens, their families, and our community.

While I am certainly supportive of Rotek’s meaningful contributions to Ohio’s green energy manufacturing sector, I am also concerned about the fair treatment of these skilled workers.  Not only do your employees dedicate themselves to Rotek’s success, but the State of Ohio has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to bolster your company.

In 2008, Rotek was awarded Ohio’s Job Creation Tax Credit, a 7-year 65% state tax credit worth over a million dollars. Rotek also was a recipient of Ohio’s Energy Sector Training Grant in 2011 ($60,000), a Business Development Grant in 2009 ($300,000), and an Industrial Training Grant in 2008 ($45,000).  Additionally, the City of Aurora was awarded a $256,813 Ohio Roadwork Development Grant in 2009 to complete public roadwork improvements to help support Rotek’s expansion.

I am concerned that the lockout of these workers does not meet the job creation and job retention requirements of these important state investments.  Locking out one third of the company’s skilled employees and replacing them with temporary laborers, who are likely less qualified and could be producing a substandard product does not seem to be consistent with the state’s goals when making these investments.  I urge you to reinstate these workers as expeditiously as possible by negotiating a fair contract and ending the lockout.

I expect that you will give these concerns your immediate attention.  If there is anything I can do to assist with this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your prompt response on how we can work towards a resolution. 



Kathleen Clyde

State Representative

75th House District

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