Clyde Statement On Husted Appeal In Voter Purge Lawsuit
Lawmaker Condemns Arrogant Attempt to Disenfranchise Voters
February 03, 2017
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State Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) issued the following statement in response to an appeal filed today by Secretary of State Jon Husted seeking to continue purging qualified voters from Ohio’s rolls:

“It looks like Secretary Husted is playing right along with President Trump’s lie about voter fraud with this appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Secretary Husted is playing a classic game of deflection. He wants you to believe that he is purging only deceased or duplicate voter registrations from the rolls. In fact, he is purging eligible American citizens from the rolls and taking away their right to vote. It’s an arrogant strike at our democracy.

“This appeal wastes taxpayer dollars. This is not what Ohioans entrusted our chief elections official to do.

“The federal court forced Secretary Husted to count over 7,500 voters’ ballots in the 2016 election – voters he had illegally purged. Husted should stop these frivolous legal claims against Ohio voters.”

Secretary Husted’s appeal can be found here.

From 2011 to 2014, U.S. Elections Assistance Commission reports show Ohio voters were purged for the following reasons:

  • Infrequent voting: 846,391

  • Moved: 480,957

  • Death: 330,077

  • Request of Voter: 24,354

  • Felony conviction: 28,960

  • Mental Incompetence: 106

  • "Not Categorized": 11,024

  • "Other": 131,427

  • TOTAL: 1,853,296

In 2015, according to Reuters, Cuyahoga, Franklin and Hamilton counties purged 144,000 voters for infrequent voting or moving.

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