State Representatives Jonathan Dever (R-Madeira) and Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville) today applauded the Ohio House’s passage of House Bill 270. The legislation, which they jointly sponsored, provides additional judicial discretion when dealing with Ohio’s heroin epidemic.

House Bill 270 would allow a judge to distinguish between a drug trafficker and a user. Under the legislation, drug traffickers can be held accountable for the death of another as a result of the offender’s illegal sale, distribution, dispensation, or administration of a controlled substance, while offering treatment options for the addicted.

“As a legislative body, we have done a great deal to increase treatment options, provide law enforcement with needed tools, and hold drug dealers accountable,” said Rep. Dever. “House Bill 270 will continue to move our state in the right direction to combat the heroin epidemic.”

House Bill 270 also gives Ohio’s judges the option to impose a fine, rather than criminal charges or community control sanctions, based upon the facts of the case.

“House Bill 270 is another important step taken by the Ohio House to combat the opioid epidemic across our state,” said Rep. Pelanda. “I am grateful to my colleagues for their support of this bill.”

House Bill 270 now awaits consideration by the Ohio Senate.

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