Rep. Patterson Brings Together Alternative Fuel Experts, Local Governments
Group explores opportunities for clean fuel vehicles in Ashtabula County
October 28, 2014
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State Representative John Patterson (D- Jefferson) met today with a group of local government officials and a representative from Clean Fuels Ohio to discuss advanced energy opportunities in Ashtabula County. Clean Fuels Ohio, a statewide non-profit that works exclusively with alternative transportation fuel, presented the business case for alternative fuel vehicles and identified potential funding sources.

“With the price of gasoline and diesel fluctuating wildly over the past few years, it only makes sense from a business perspective to consider the cost of transitioning to alternative fuels,” said Rep. Patterson. “Natural gas and propane are cheaper, cleaner and both come from right here in Ohio, which means we are creating new jobs. Businesses and local governments all over the state are moving toward CNG and propane because of the savings in transportation costs.”

According to Clean Fuels Ohio Policy Director, Jason Phillips, because the price of alternative fuels are considerably lower than traditional fuels, the return on the investment is usually around 3-5 years depending on how much fuel the vehicle uses. Rep. Patterson has been a proponent of alternative fuels for businesses and has voted in support of legislation offering financial incentives for businesses converting to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and propane.

Clean Fuels Ohio works with businesses and governments all over the state to encourage the use of alternative fuels. Because fleets tend to use a lot of fuel, there is usually a business case for a transition. Natural gas and propane tend to be about half the cost of diesel fuel, but the up-front cost of vehicles is considerably more. Often a study is conducted to determine how long it would take to realize a return on the investment.

“I wanted to extend a special thanks to Rep. Patterson for showing his leadership on this issue,” Phillips stated. “At Clean Fuels Ohio we try to make the case for alternative fuels all over the state but this doesn’t always happen without help at the local level. Rep. Patterson’s hard work putting this together shows he sees the opportunity to realize strong cost savings.”

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